Kenneth Townsend Tiles Now in stock..

Kenneth Townsend (1931-99) managed to capture the humorous side of life through his art, drawings and writing.

Kenneth lived in Hastings and is known to have worked as a freelance designer for:

 Hornsea Pottery
Chance Brothers (glass)
Cuckoobird Productions (textiles)
 Merit (games)
 James Galt & Co. Ltd (toys).

At Fish4junk we have a great collection of Kenneth Townsend Tile now in stock to brighten up your walls in your home
 or  they would look great in a little ones nursery.

Click here to view what we have in stock:

Kenneth Townsend - Elephant Tile 6500Kenneth Townsend - Owl Tile 6500

Kenneth Townsend - Lion Tile 6500Kenneth Townsend - Tiger Tile 6500

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