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With so much new stock being uploaded onto the Fish4Junk website, I thought it might be useful to tell you what each of our sections have in them.


This is our 'virtual' shop window. We try and change this weekly or whenever we fancy a little change around. All the items Featured are also available in one of the other departments. If you see something you like in featured one week, but its gone the next - don't worry, as long as its still in stock it will be on the site somewhere.  Take a look.

Interior Decor

Generally (although there are a few exceptions!) this department is where we show all of our fabric, wallpaper, lights, clocks, ornamental glass and pictures. Take a look.

Vintage Furniture

As it says on the tin really - this is the place to find some beautiful Midcentury furniture - names like Ercol, G-Plan, Uniflex, Arkana, Conran and many more. Take a look.

Toys and Games

Also known as 'Kids Corner'. This fabulous little section is where you will return to your childhood and see toys from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Lose yourself in a few minutes of nostalgia! It is also the area of our business that our sons keep a close eye on... Take a look.

Literature and Ephemera

Collectable literature such as classic car manuals, retro car stickers, old books, Habitat catalogues, old magazines, etc. Anything printed really. Take a look.


This is our largest department and is great for browsing. Our Miscellaneous department has everything from tealight holders to typewriters, from wooden boxes to vintage juicers! In here you will find lots of great nic-nacs, ornaments, vintage and retro household items. Lots of great gift ideas in here. There are also a few big names such as Cathrine Holm, Olivetti, Marimekko. Take a look.

New & Cool

Our bread and butter is Vintage. Midcentury. Dare I use the ‘R’ word – Retro?! But every now and again, we see something that is brand new, but very cool. We love the Eames Office range for example. Beautiful simplistic design. We love Volksbaggin – keyfobs, coin purses and bags made in the U.S. from original Volkswagen upholstery. Take a look.

Recently Sold

This is where you can see items that we have sold. This section is not there to ‘show you what you could have won!’ but to show you the type of stock that we buy and sell. If there is something in there that you would like us to find for you – just let us know.


We have new stock arriving all the time and not all of it is on our website. If there is something that you are looking for – please drop us a line and we will try our best to find it for you.

Happy browsing vintage fans,

Love from the Fish4Junk Team x

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